The Bugatti Veyron Vitesse Is the Ultimate $2.5 Million Veyron

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The Bugatti Veyron Vitesse is the ultimate Veyron. Today I'm reviewing the Veyron Vitesse, and I'm going to show you why this Veyron is so amazing. I'll take you on a thorough tour of the Veyron, reviewing all its quirks and features, and I'll show you how the Bugatti Veyron Vitesse drives.
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🌙 - 2 dager siden
i can't believe that this video only has 615k views
PS4 Games
PS4 Games - 3 dager siden
Interesting how 1988 Volga Gaz 24-10 got more views then Bugatti Veiron.
ExistentialCrisis_ - 8 dager siden
Always really hated the look of this car, so bulbous and fat
Rush1169 - 9 dager siden
It would look so good if it was the brighter blue on the whole car
Rush1169 - 9 dager siden
I went with my dad to a Dallas car show a long time ago and one of these were there and I didn’t even think it was that big of a deal because there was aventadors there which I thought was way cooler
NeedForSpeed2004 - 10 dager siden
It costs more to replace the umbrella than to change the tires…
Swishy - 11 dager siden
Bugatti tires: $37,000 USD
Bugatti replacement umbrella: *$60,000 USD*
Akari Akaza
Akari Akaza - 14 dager siden
For my reference: back, 2:35 front, 2:42
The BJ Channel
The BJ Channel - 15 dager siden
And i still dream about it
Vincent Lee
Vincent Lee - 17 dager siden
This owner has two Bugatti
Nomadics _
Nomadics _ - 20 dager siden
This car looks like a slightly stretched vw beetle with its roof cut, it’s hideous. Damn, I would drive the hell out if it though.
Abhilash Pandey
Abhilash Pandey - 21 dag siden
Mynameis 325
Mynameis 325 - 21 dag siden
its sp ugly tho
Roger Skagerström
Roger Skagerström - 22 dager siden
HAHA Gotta love that VAG - not even on the frickin Veyron, can get the manual + and - right on the gear lever! How hard can it be? Shift up TOWARDS you, shift down AWAY from you.
ŮMÃŘ ÏMRÅÑ - 24 dager siden
the amount of air doug suck in while accelerating is way more than the car
Mark Plott
Mark Plott - 27 dager siden
DOUG - the Bugatti Veyron is now OUTDATED.
the 2021 TESLA model S PLAID is now the WORLDS Fastest PRODUCTON Family Supercar .
and coming soon , the 2021 Tesla model S PLAID + will even be faster.
and both cost less than $200k.
The Slayer
The Slayer - 28 dager siden
not even a WEEK AGO this dud had half a million subscribers. wow
Phillip Horton
Phillip Horton - Måned siden
Rich people problems lol 😂
spacex Tesla Roadster gaming
Bugatti Veyron Vitesse
Krish Vaidya
Krish Vaidya - Måned siden
i hate bugatti
Qantas 1
Qantas 1 - Måned siden
The Bugatti Veyron SuperSport Is The Worlds Fastest Car.
El Gallo
El Gallo - Måned siden
Real Hasta La Muerte Brrrr
Aaron F
Aaron F - Måned siden
1001 hp...that 1 makes all the difference!
Masked - Måned siden
Wow. Very cool!
Mustakim Rahman
Mustakim Rahman - Måned siden
How come you haven't reviewed the legendary Shelby Cobra yet?
Flin Haynes
Flin Haynes - Måned siden
Girl with Doug “hey where did the condom go Doug”
Cash London
Cash London - Måned siden
Pageboy25 - Måned siden
Doug is so humble. He buys a Bugatti Veyron Vitesse and acts as if it was borrowed, just so we don't feel poor or miserable.
JerCal playz
JerCal playz - 28 dager siden
Nykeese and friends 2
Nykeese and friends 2 - Måned siden
my favorite car
Glorious Adonis
Glorious Adonis - Måned siden
If Doug puts miles on your car, it appreciates in value.
DrQuiza - Måned siden
8:00 All cars do 60-0 quicker than 0-60 because brakes are always much more powerful than engines.
Glorious Adonis
Glorious Adonis - Måned siden
Next: type in YouTube "Bugatti veyron Vitesse on the autobahn "
Joel Ness
Joel Ness - Måned siden
30:40 0-"60" LOL.
Mitch Splittstoesser
Mitch Splittstoesser - Måned siden
Doug the type of guy to make a sex tape and go over the "quirks and features" of the girl before he has sex.
Mitch Splittstoesser
Mitch Splittstoesser - Måned siden
Doug the type of guy to open a car dealership and force his salespeople to say "THHHIIISS is a..." when showing a car.
jgaines4 - Måned siden
24:45 Doug the type of guy to slam his seat back into the super-expensive carbon fiber roof-bar-thingy behind him.
Rover200Power - Måned siden
The first Hypercar? No Doug, no.
Travis Hartley
Travis Hartley - Måned siden
President Drive
President Drive - Måned siden
When you check how tires costs and cancel your Bugatti order 😅
Γιώργος Ηροδότου
Obviously, if you are off for a ride without the top and it rains, you are gonna need the umbrella.
Nicholas Bingas
Nicholas Bingas - Måned siden
lmao i thought it was pronounced vie-teese
shota tor
shota tor - Måned siden
The macho polo coincidently earn because gearshift gradually spoil unlike a right oil. silly, grouchy bassoon
Colby Thomas
Colby Thomas - Måned siden
Quick question. Wouldn’t it be cheaper and lighter for Bugatti to just put an emergency release button in the trunk like Volkswagen does in the Lamborghinis?
Amos Hughes
Amos Hughes - Måned siden
My 3rd favorite dream world records. But thats not the fastest at all but 300 mph Chiron
StackcakefromJamalgamtv - Måned siden
Beautiful car and colours, would definitely paint my car this colour!
Isaac Tane
Isaac Tane - Måned siden
The subdued freighter focally land because inch mathematically wriggle times a quick map. slim, parsimonious weapon
Bow the black ice dragon
Bow the black ice dragon - Måned siden
Just imagine having a $60,000 umbrella. I could buy a new corvette C8 ...or a umbrella
JxC - Måned siden
Umbrella is clearly better.
Martin Leland
Martin Leland - Måned siden
Im 22 and i like manual seats better, idk why i do but i do
YxBoi Luka
YxBoi Luka - Måned siden
This is how much his voice cracked
Y-GEN Gaming And Technology
That bugatti was really fast because when it reach 400kmh it became very hard to control here i drive it in game.
really fast in need for speed the run.
Raptor SS
Raptor SS - Måned siden
Doug is the type of guy to have a Carrera GT as his lockscreen instead of his wife or dog
steve Kos
steve Kos - Måned siden
Can you imagine how cool it would be to race that car on a race track while having She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult playing?
Aurora Jaidyn
Aurora Jaidyn - Måned siden
The gaping weight intraoperatively beg because frame intrestingly work as a clever agenda. unused, hypnotic noodle
Tyler Spunucious
Tyler Spunucious - Måned siden
What an ugly photo at 1:29. Like the car looks nice, but why would you photograph it in front of that water with all the shit and refuse in it?
costafilh0 - Måned siden
Looks cheap compared to the newer models!
costafilh0 - Måned siden
Disgusting color scheme!
Somer - Måned siden
why didn't he say anything about the Pocket PC?
Voodoo Child
Voodoo Child - Måned siden
drinking game idea: do a shot every time Doug says 'but anyway'🤣
Ali Maamoun
Ali Maamoun - Måned siden
I just love your reaction to the acceleration :D
sk kh
sk kh - Måned siden,.
theguythatcouldfly - Måned siden
Is it just me, or where the window switches perfectly normal? Forward for down, back for up. I drive a Honda. Come on now, Doug. "Also worth noting, the drivers door opens towards the outside of the car."
sk kh
sk kh - Måned siden,.
HDStudios - Måned siden
I think the Ferrari Enzo was the first car to really be considered a hyper car and that came out 2 years before the veyron. Yes, I know the Bugatti could destroy the Enzo but I’m just saying, at the time the Enzo was released is was amazing and considered a hyper car.
sk kh
sk kh - Måned siden,.
Patrick Gaus
Patrick Gaus - Måned siden
this car is located in my hometown!
sk kh
sk kh - Måned siden,.
Martin - Måned siden
24:13 Um..... are we not going to talk about the Palm Pilot in the glove box?
AlexBryan - Måned siden
I love how this car gets driven often as it has 23k miles on it, which is not a huge number but it's big for car like this. ❤
David Guerra
David Guerra - Måned siden
Well typically there were two seat choices for the Veyron, these sport ones and the comfort ones, which do include electric motors. These do seem more fitting to this car, but I'm sure the others could have been included if the owner so desired. That is an extremely rare ocurrence though, from all the Veyrons I have ever seen. Hardly anyone chooses the comfort seats.
e m p
e m p - Måned siden
Thats just a flattened Passat B6 with mutilated engines :D
NoEye Deer
NoEye Deer - Måned siden
9:26 airplane tire companies laughing 🤓
A C - Måned siden
I logged into YouTube to complain that he gave this the same practicality score as the McLaren P1 GTR.
Joseph Morgan
Joseph Morgan - Måned siden
2 mill for the car and I have to get out and remove the roof myself .... 😂😂😂😂
Suicidal 4 Life
Suicidal 4 Life - Måned siden
The Grand Sport is a nice 1
Mashmarriner - Måned siden
This guy letting Doug review his stupidly expensive car collection is a total legend and is obviously a true car guy.
Not some Instagram famous prick wanting air time on Doug's channel.
Scott Leech
Scott Leech - Måned siden
those wheels just look so cheap .. not worth it
Kaan Dervis
Kaan Dervis - Måned siden
No kidnappers can be clever enough to bind the hands of kidnapped... makes sense...
TP76 Ben
TP76 Ben - Måned siden
Doug’s eyes when accelerating. It’s called eyes’ orgasm.
TP76 Ben
TP76 Ben - Måned siden
A French car engineered by Germans with an Italian name. That’s why it’s even more special.
Mark Alcorta
Mark Alcorta - Måned siden
But anyway... What year is this car?
Michael De Santa
Michael De Santa - Måned siden
Literally nobody:
At first i thought it was a toy car.
Not YaMomma
Not YaMomma - Måned siden
Any car can go from 60 to 0 instantly.
MrSporty - Måned siden
The car is dope. Your shitty ads aren't. Not watching your vids anymore. Bye bye
A & J THE YOUTUBERS - Måned siden
To the 1% who's reading this 2021 will never be a bad year for you and your family
Vini Pu
Vini Pu - Måned siden
you should come to Germany to really feel what going fast is like on the Autobahn ;)
Dino - Måned siden
These cars on the phone look huge, then when you see them in real life, they are tiny AF
Por4mance - Måned siden
If you had the money to buy this car would you? Or would you buy a dozen other super cars? 🤔
sisir360 || TheLoneGun101
sisir360 || TheLoneGun101 - Måned siden
You’re telling me if it starts raining.. you have to exit the car, in the rain, walk to the trunk or whatever, find the umbrella attachment, get back in the car (drenched), connect the umbrella and then leave the car to protect your already-wet ass from the rain?😂
A W - Måned siden
Doug got steel knees, how they always perfect with the amount of kneeling he does
Jordan Elsholtz
Jordan Elsholtz - Måned siden
Yes I agree 2 million dollars is a lot but that’s only 20 precent of the price of a konigsegg agera rs
James Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald - Måned siden
I don't understand the protest about screens dating the car they reside in. The car is made in a certain year and thus, has the technology that is available at that time. Why such disgust with a screen produced at that time? Seems dodging such dating can go to any extreme if so desired. Maybe it's just me?
dtotheponcharo - Måned siden
thats a gay dude shade of blue there doug, my boy.
Lol Hi
Lol Hi - Måned siden
I wonder if this was Bleugatti’s Bugatti lol
Loui Laszlo
Loui Laszlo - Måned siden
doug keeps talking about how the veyron influenced him „as a kid“ , but it was released in 2005. how old is doug, 25? :D
Loui Laszlo
Loui Laszlo - Måned siden
@Mr.Quan216 i know that, my grandpa has an old racecar from bugatti in the garage. i thought he was talking about the veyron
Mr.Quan216 - Måned siden
Bugatti's was first made in 1909, pull up the 1980 Bugatti.
0rangelime - Måned siden
I think Doug forgot that it is like the middle of winter lol
Myk N.
Myk N. - Måned siden
Not in FL.
Robert Weber
Robert Weber - Måned siden
smartphone...not cell.
Robert Weber
Robert Weber - Måned siden
that's not just a oil guage(pressure) , it's temperature...
Sakriya Stha Baral
Sakriya Stha Baral - Måned siden
Looks like crap
Mister Phresh Onyo
Mister Phresh Onyo - Måned siden
It looks very nice! It's also an impressive vehicle. However i can't really agree with those prices. 2.5M for a car is too much, it doesn't matter how much horsepower and luxuries it has.
*Why do you think you don't see a lot of expensive sport vehicles on the road? Because there aren't enough people with money to buy them? Nah!... it's because there aren't enough crazy people to buy them*
I know people with mad dough that drive luxury sedans for 100k (for example) and if i ever had millions in my bank account i wouldn't spend it on a Veyron.
Robert Weber
Robert Weber - Måned siden
regarding the back of the car....can we say......Corvette?
Dave Shiroma
Dave Shiroma - Måned siden
Is that a Palmpilot in the glove box? 😂😂😂
randy force
randy force - Måned siden
I wish there was a premium service you could sign up for where doug would send you these vids with a speedometer image inserted at the bottom, after verifying you were not a member of california law enforcement.
j - Måned siden
Doug I would like to hear what you think of the VW ID4 as it seems to be going up against the Model 3. When ever you can get your hands on one.
Khasar Buyan
Khasar Buyan - Måned siden
Where's the Sian Doug?