The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible Is the Coolest Car Nobody Will Buy

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The 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible is really cool -- but nobody is going to buy it. Today I explain why nobody will buy the LC500 Convertible, and I'm also reviewing the LC Convertible to show all the quirks and features. I'm also going to drive the Lexus LC500 Convertible and tell you what it's like on the road.
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I don't know
I don't know - 58 minutter siden
Lexus has already sent a couple of highly trained man in black to Doug' address.
rad1ant - 4 timer siden
its a brand new red coupe sports car, of course it would draw attention lol
Gavodon14 - 5 timer siden
Best interior I’ve seen but soft top kills it
Aidan Duffy
Aidan Duffy - 6 timer siden
i used to work as a lot attendant for a lexus dealership. i personally thought the infotainment wasnt hard to use at all, i thought it was really cool. the heated seats thing does suck though. after the multiple times ive been able to drive the LC500, i can confidently say it is my dream car. its so unique, and the driving experience/power is plentiful for the average person who doesnt get paid to drive cool cars lol
kenester621 - 6 timer siden
listen to the podcast "go and see" if you want to learn about the cool tech and engineering that went into the design of this car!
Vanguard - 6 timer siden
just remember this is the doug demuro that bought a surfin safari land rover that broke down with his friends in it
image vincent
image vincent - 6 timer siden
in palm beach lol
Popoy Bernardino
Popoy Bernardino - 7 timer siden
Why open the door???? It’s open roof 😂
Muaj Tseeb Productions
Muaj Tseeb Productions - 8 timer siden
The center storage lid closes like the Japaneses sliding doors. You'll notice that those doors never slams.
codemiesterbeats - 8 timer siden
the ass end of that car is hideous... the front might grow on me but yeesh.
Ray Gordon
Ray Gordon - 9 timer siden
Beautiful, beautiful car! However, price is ridiculously too high!
John Gee
John Gee - 10 timer siden
Irritating voice
Aaron Austrie
Aaron Austrie - 11 timer siden
The taillights look more like a nike swoosh tough
Aaron Austrie
Aaron Austrie - 11 timer siden
Love the wheels ❤️
Captain Win
Captain Win - 12 timer siden
Martin Hwang
Martin Hwang - 12 timer siden
Probably the reason why Porsche isn’t going for the 928 successor
Which is a shame
Dane Kosaka
Dane Kosaka - 13 timer siden
The main problem with the LC500 is that it doesn't look right unless it's coming out of a garage with a $10 million home attached.
Geir Balderson
Geir Balderson - 14 timer siden
I would never buy due to the spindle grill. It was getting old last decade. Love the paint and the interior colours.
Daniel Cha
Daniel Cha - 15 timer siden
the good thing is that theyll probably be longlasting so i can buy a used one in a few years if theyre discontinued
Alex garcia
Alex garcia - 15 timer siden
I think Germans and Italians are just absolutely dominating the markets at every price range
Al A
Al A - 15 timer siden
Well... the 666 reading and the demonic laugh afterwards. Enough to not buy this car.
Ryan Brooke
Ryan Brooke - 15 timer siden
Soft top tho wtf could put a hardtop on it that killed it for me
Mohit Nayar
Mohit Nayar - 17 timer siden
What a beautiful interior
Mohit Nayar
Mohit Nayar - 17 timer siden
Why are doug's review cars always peeing?
Pete Urbann
Pete Urbann - 19 timer siden
I don't know why there would be any "cons". This is a work of art. Yo...Chevy, Ford you watching?
scratch67golfer - 20 timer siden
My wife and I bought this car (not the convertible) just because we could. We are both over 70 years old. Why not? My wife says she has seen people using their I-Phones to take pictures of her car. It is the dark silver color.
Lazaro Garcia
Lazaro Garcia - Dag siden
He criticizes something on toyota or lexus. However when other car manufacturers do the same thing, he praises them. IRONY.
Se Bastian
Se Bastian - Dag siden
all new convertibles have a button where all windows go up or down!
Se Bastian
Se Bastian - Dag siden
I dont want this segment to die!!! its my favourite segment...will always drive a convertible. hate that everybody is buying SUV´S
Steven Mccullough
Steven Mccullough - Dag siden
It is awesome looking, I like almost everything about it except for that ridiculous yawning maw of blacked out grill. Those yards of black void coming at you make the car seem like a toothless shark. No thanks, not at any price. Too bad too, because otherwise it's amazing.
Ike - Dag siden
I will buy one just to show my support and thank Lexus.
Dorsey J. Bourrage
Dorsey J. Bourrage - Dag siden
The 2018 Original LC looks better to me 🤷🏾‍♂️
LANPartyAnimal - Dag siden
I don't have a problem with the car I have a problem with Lexus grills. They are butt ugly and look like an early cylon helmet. If not that they look like bottom feeder fish and a street cleaner sucking up all that crap off the road. Sorry but that's the first thing that comes to mind every time I see a Lexus.
Benjamin David
Benjamin David - Dag siden
I usually like Doug, but this review was not accurate at all. If he were right NOBODY would be buying the coupe and they hardly keep them at the dealers. The droptop will sell even better.
Philippe Jesusfromthefuture
The real Bumblebee limo is in Australia
Zain Aziz
Zain Aziz - Dag siden
Doug please can u give me the answer...i want to buy a new car but instead i bought some washing up u think i can drive the surf whilst washing my car...what i mean is do u think the tree does not fall to far from the banana or is it pear
Idk what Doug talking bout it’s a masterpiece I’m buying this car this year in Nipsey blue white blue interior 🏁💙💯
Ryan Fowlow
Ryan Fowlow - Dag siden
This beautiful car will be rare and worth a fortune one day.
Jay - Dag siden
Design lines went too far.
This price range?
I will go to European brand cars.
soulstice - Dag siden
im 22 and i LOVE this car. Obv i cant afford it tho lmao one day tho, these are so sick lowered.
Kevin Yu
Kevin Yu - Dag siden
japanese cars have 2 tiny rear seats in their coupes because a law makes 4-seater in a different tax category than 2-seaters, so no matter how you design a car, japanese car makers will always put 4 seats in total to make it more affordable for the buyer
UrbanBDKNY - Dag siden
This car will be a bargain in 5 years and I ll be there to buy one :)
This is a perfect cruiser/ GT for anyone who is not a millionaire and can’t afford an Aston Martin or a Bentley or a Ferrari Roma lol
Slap some better rims on it and you are good. It has decent performance, enough to have fun. No need to take this car on a race track or street race with it
Aaron Palmer
Aaron Palmer - Dag siden
is it leaking?
Francisco Argueta
Francisco Argueta - Dag siden
3:00 the car is so shy, it pissed on itself 3:00
Man in Baggy Trousers
Man in Baggy Trousers - Dag siden
MM Jumba
MM Jumba - Dag siden
This car is just beautiful
Jan Koneczný
Jan Koneczný - Dag siden
Hey YouTube, why u recommended this channel for cars enthusiastic people like me now? Why u don't recommend this before? Omg. Subscribe and greetings from Czech republic 🇨🇿 central Europe.
Fernando Barajas
Fernando Barajas - 2 dager siden
I'm sorry but for $30k-$40k less I'd buy the Corvette convertible. It's rear engine 595 h.p,8 speed d.c. and removable top. Not enough old folks to buy this car they're all dead.
Lamear - 2 dager siden
Car reminds me of gta 5
Cyclone Sister
Cyclone Sister - 2 dager siden
08:23 when Doug locks you in his car and turns to you.
meninão - 2 dager siden
Oh Man, that’s just Stunning!!! And that Lexus engine sound... hmmmm the greatest
Tim Bramley
Tim Bramley - 2 dager siden
If i was financially able to pick between the Toyota Z4 or the lc500 i would take the Lexus every day of the week
Ji Zhuang
Ji Zhuang - 2 dager siden
I feel like they should have made this a hardtop instead of a softtop..
MEHDI ALIANI - 2 dager siden
Those leather works melt my heart🔥
TJ Sayabalian
TJ Sayabalian - 2 dager siden
Was the test drive done in a hard top?
I am Nobody
I am Nobody - 2 dager siden
I saw the coup on the road today. I was wondering what it was and this pops up.
I am Nobody
I am Nobody - 2 dager siden
It looks bent
Joey Berweiler
Joey Berweiler - 2 dager siden
That sound 😳
Chico Cruz
Chico Cruz - 2 dager siden
Beautiful car but for $100+k not worth it in my opinion
Keith Dehmann
Keith Dehmann - 2 dager siden
Such a well crafted car, the exhaust note sounds fantastic!!