The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Pinnacle Is a Luxury Minivan for $50,000

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The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Pinnacle is an ultra-luxury minivan -- and today I'm reviewing the new Pacifica Pinnacle, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the Pacifica. I'm also going to drive the new Pacifica and let you know what it's like behind the wheel of the new 2021 Pacifica.
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Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro - Måned siden
Quick correction at 8:20 with the seats - the lever on the backrest will move the seat forward so you can access the third row. The procedure shown at 5:40 lets you move the front seat forward so you can stow the second row. My mistake!
SAM THE MAN - 4 dager siden
i was about to comment on that
Aero FPV
Aero FPV - 12 dager siden
Next up ... the Kia Carnival. Looks amazing.
0110rroberts - 16 dager siden
i was just about to say something about the stow n go.
Amaan Siddiqui
Amaan Siddiqui - 17 dager siden
@Anustup Naskar yeah because it will bring him Indian audience
paxton gray
paxton gray - Måned siden
I was about to comment about both of those 😂
robin cho
robin cho - 2 dager siden
Yall know fabric softener sheets getting stuffed in them vacuums
Connor Soma
Connor Soma - 2 dager siden
why dont du shades roll down and clip to the bottom? it would allow for a larger better fit window shade instead of an awkward square in a odd shaped door window
Chris Laidlaw
Chris Laidlaw - 3 dager siden
Would have been cool to do driving impressions with it loaded up. Minivan drivers buy these to haul the family. Fill it with people and luggage and test power, handling, etc.
xanth987 - 5 dager siden
Hmm. Get the blackout edition and add in a hellcat engine, put a lift kit on this and ditch the middle row or the third row. Add some lighting kits and killer stereo. Oh and add a 12v mini fridge. Boom road trip mini van.
Arizona Homesteading And Travels
I can’t believe how stupid this guy is. He does not disappoint. He actually thought the button to move the front seats forward was to give more leg room and he later was told it was for access to folding the second row seats in the Stow N Go. As a former Dodge Caravan owner this feature is awesome as before I would have had to hold the power seat forward button to move the drivers seat forward to fold in the middle seats. This guy has to be faking his stupidity. He can’t really believe some of the stuff he says about cars. The only nice thing I can say about Doug is he does have nice legs. He reminds me of that guy from the movie Ernest goes to camp.
Farsyah Narendra R
Farsyah Narendra R - 9 dager siden
please review the Toyota ALPHARD its so expensive the most expensive type cost more than 100k if I'm not wrong
The CA Nation
The CA Nation - 9 dager siden
The color of the seats is so appetizing, and the fact that the van itself is red makes it look like a cake.
Tiaro Yousant
Tiaro Yousant - 10 dager siden
Laughing in Lexus LM
Brian Hudson
Brian Hudson - 11 dager siden
The button that moves the front seats up is so you can fold the middle seats into the floor not for more leg room
Sam Huber
Sam Huber - 10 dager siden
nah its so you can get to work on filling all the seats in the van ;)
howtobebasic 2
howtobebasic 2 - 11 dager siden
Jacob Roberson
Jacob Roberson - 11 dager siden
I absolutely love my pacifica touring l plus. Best vehicle I've owned period as far as minivans/suv. I won't buy a suburban vs this ! Love it no regrets
209John - 12 dager siden
At the six minute mark Doug is being a dope again like you can push that little button and push the driver seat forward with somebody in it don’t you think they thought of that? First of all the sliding door Has to be open. Dammit the 6:30 mark he corrected himself. Oops sorry
Lorde - 12 dager siden
Nice to see the Lee Iacocca ideology is still somewhat around in Chrysler HQ. Like in the Chrysler New Yorker from the 80’s the Pacifica offers luxury at a more affordable cost for the average American.
DefyYourLogic - 12 dager siden
Those are pretty nice seats considering little Johnny and Hannah are gonna stain the shit out of them with capri sun.
Travis Hartley
Travis Hartley - 12 dager siden
Dakota Snyder
Dakota Snyder - 12 dager siden
They put all this development into the Pacifica but not the 300
Dexdringer - 14 dager siden
Bro these ads are killing me
Daniel Rosas
Daniel Rosas - 14 dager siden
I’ll take one with the hellcat engine in it.
hugo j.
hugo j. - 14 dager siden
The pinnacle looks does not look like what you payed for, I would expect a more eye catching design
Alan J.
Alan J. - 14 dager siden
Looks like a 2000’s minivan... it looks horrible...
William Harkleroad
William Harkleroad - 15 dager siden
I want one . . .
D.J. W
D.J. W - 15 dager siden
C. Nelson
C. Nelson - 15 dager siden
I like it
C. Nelson
C. Nelson - 15 dager siden
Since most of you are stupid on here ill comment on the car 🙄....They all better hope and pray Ford doesn't remodel the Windstar. Ford loves to battle all brands. Yes Chrysler Pacificas are gorgeous vans...But make sure you don't get the old Town and countries or that horrible lawn mower sounding Dodge caravan. The engines are horribleeeeee. But shout to Chrysler for taking on them over sea brands....even though over sea brands own Chrysler now. Wowo 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😲
Vuoch Meng Ear
Vuoch Meng Ear - 16 dager siden
Tesla model 3
Robert Pressley
Robert Pressley - 16 dager siden
Honestly. I'd rather have a Sedona, but it is nice
0110rroberts - 16 dager siden
the built in vacuum is pretty amazing, i am curious how functional it is when in use. but the premise it a great idea.
Dorian19X - 17 dager siden
The front is just perfect
شهاب احمد
شهاب احمد - 17 dager siden
Very very very good
Julian Wills
Julian Wills - 18 dager siden
is it just me who thinks, apart from the badge, the front looks like a renault
Ali Joon
Ali Joon - 19 dager siden
What a bad quality vehicle with cheap plastic everywhere. Scotty is right about Fiat Chrysler. Piece of junk.
Mfc6545 - 19 dager siden
The button that moves the seats isn’t for leg room, it’s for the stow n go!
Amaresh Kaimal
Amaresh Kaimal - 20 dager siden
Why they got rid of the caravan for this hunk a junk i d k why
ironllama - 20 dager siden
I wanted to see the front sunroof and he didnt show it. It looks like the majority of the roof wouldve been glass
David Hettinger
David Hettinger - 20 dager siden
That button in the back seat is for stow and go back seats
Ivan 23 Caravantes
Ivan 23 Caravantes - 20 dager siden
$51 I starting? How sad
Luis Padilla
Luis Padilla - 22 dager siden
$50k & those wheels 👎🏾
Armin K
Armin K - 22 dager siden
Let's be honest, no one's here for a minivan review to buy a minivan.
We're all here for entertainment value.
Daniel Ponder
Daniel Ponder - 22 dager siden
he's in Charlotte recording this...I thought I saw a snow flake or two, shorts and t shirt in 40 some degree weather??
Shane House
Shane House - 22 dager siden
Other people ; "I like the Fam-cam so i can see my baby in the carseat"

Doug; "I can see my rear facing infant occupants"
THOMAS BOLDT - 22 dager siden
Seems like a lot of electric/power options for a company with a notoriously poor track record with electric gremlins
Steve g.
Steve g. - 22 dager siden
Thanks Doug. I would love to have this, however, it's a Chrysler. I wonder how long the transmission will last, and the electronics start goofing up? Gorgeous and great innovations though. Time will tell.
Mayank Kapoor
Mayank Kapoor - 22 dager siden
Only a matter of time before srt sees that they manufacture this shit also and soccer moms will get a 800hp homeless crowd killer lol😂😂😂
mwnation - 22 dager siden
The heated and cooled seats can be set to turn on automatically depending upon the temp outside
Chelsea Sherwood
Chelsea Sherwood - 23 dager siden
his bum is cold
nisanbarzion - 23 dager siden
Something I learned today:
If you get the pinnacle hybrid. - you don’t get the stow and vac and the 3rd row is manual and not powered.
I guess they wanted to save on power to get more mileage
Jason O
Jason O - 22 dager siden
Probably not... the vacuum cleaner canister is where the plug-in charger is stored and the 3rd row power seats add weight... and the hybrid GVWR would be too heavy with the battery and all the additional features. (which is why the hybrid isn't rated for towing either)
George Rodriguez
George Rodriguez - 23 dager siden
The switch on the side of the driver and passenger at the back side is for the stow and go for the 2nd row.
George Rodriguez
George Rodriguez - 23 dager siden
The 2nd row slides by pulling the lever on the top side of the seat. That is how to go back in the 3rd raw.
Micki Bly
Micki Bly - 23 dager siden
i think the seat button is for putting in things like car seats
BaTtl3fR3aKk2o - 23 dager siden
$NOK to the moon 💎🙌🚀🚀🚀🌝
Charles Stanley
Charles Stanley - 23 dager siden
Doug missed the use of the button to move the front row seating for the stow' n go seating so you can put them down without the obstruction of the front seat...
Nick Loss
Nick Loss - 24 dager siden
that button to move the front seats is for folding the 2nd row into the floor. Also, the proper way to enter the 3rd row is the slide lever on the shoulder of the 2nd row row to slide the seat forward.
Bobby James
Bobby James - 24 dager siden
Not sure why there is such a stigma around mini vans.. they’re clearly the most practical car ever
Alton Patterson
Alton Patterson - 24 dager siden
How does a brand new car have wrinkles in its leather? Quality?
Patricia Pardillo
Patricia Pardillo - 24 dager siden
I don’t know which one I like better the Pacifica or the Siena
Nitish Goel
Nitish Goel - 24 dager siden
14:55 a lot of parents gonna caught their 12 year olds watching po*n 💀💀💀
Nitish Goel
Nitish Goel - 24 dager siden
So basically if i don’t want features i can get two of them in price of one 😅
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard - 25 dager siden
The uptight letter multivariably drag because lotion coincidentally paste concerning a polite unit. juvenile, overwrought kenneth
Best of Cars
Best of Cars - 25 dager siden
Why am I watching this
Can’t even buy one in my country
Kelsey White
Kelsey White - 25 dager siden
It’s a trap house on wheels
CJ - 26 dager siden
I don't have a wife or any kids but here I am watching a van review and I kinda want it now.
George h
George h - 26 dager siden
Hopefully that button that moves the drivers seat forward is disabled if there’s someone in the seat...
Eric Reiter
Eric Reiter - 25 dager siden
The sliding door has to be open for it to be used.
KING A - 26 dager siden
10 inches nice 👀
Adam Lytle
Adam Lytle - 26 dager siden
6:06 Surely that button is disabled if the font seat is occupied? Front passenger seats have weight sensors for the airbag anyway, seems like it would be nbd to wire it to the seat moving button. Edit - ah, just saw the door lockout. That works too, but still, even sitting parked you wouldn't want someone to have their seat moved without their permission. Especially someone tall.
car world
car world - 27 dager siden
I have no attention to buy this car still watching the full video, hats off doug😁
Ethan Fraser
Ethan Fraser - 27 dager siden
I love this van! I might even call it my dream car... Anyways, I'd really love for FCA Chrysler to bring back some of the T&C's features. The electric 3RD row seats are cool, but it's lacking the tailgate option, which would make the 3RD row seats be able to be sat in from the tailgate. And for them to bring back those cool "Swivel 'n' Go" seats, which allowed you to swivel 120 degrees to face the 3RD row. Lastly, with those video screens FCA Chrysler needs to add some sort of Chromecast thingy that allows you to watch Netflix. As much as I love Blu-ray and DVD discs, they've gone outta style really. But other than that, I think FCA Chrysler's van has never been more feature-packed!
Simon Kahlich
Simon Kahlich - 27 dager siden
I hate that I love this car
Gravijah_ - 27 dager siden
God, I love minivans. I always have.
Von E
Von E - 27 dager siden
I have a 2018 pacifica bought new. Since the first day we owned it, it has had problems. We probably have close to 2k in repairs. Most electrical stuff is not covered. The start stop assist has messed up several times. We have had to replace the main computer screen because they said that was bad and thats why our backup camera would randomly go blue or not work( that didn't fix it) have had a rough idle and check engine light come on for the last year. Everytime we bring it in they say it needs a software update ( never fixes the issue) As I write this it is currently in the shop for a "cracked #5 cylinder." The car is out of warranty so we are battling Chrysler and the dealership to try to get them to fix it, because we have a paper trail for over a year while under warranty and they have never fixed the issues. The answer everytime is software update needed. Please stay away from this car/manufacturer.
Dan Sorrow
Dan Sorrow - 27 dager siden
You can move the front seat forward with that little button you pushed and then let the second row seat forward to get in the back seat.
shaolini - 27 dager siden
I think I have never spent this much time looking at a minivan.
Luis Foreal
Luis Foreal - 28 dager siden
This is a great review, but I still dislike minivans... Those rims don't help either..
You might score it the same as the Sienna Doug, but I have a feeling the Sienna will outlast the Chrysler... Just my observation. Nevertheless, the Pacifica has some nice features for a minivan. Can't knock it down too hard, since my parents both were owners of Dodge Caravans (1994 model and 2005 models)
John Schauder
John Schauder - 28 dager siden
I wish the German luxury brands would get into this segment. If I could get an Audi minivan with Quattro, virtual cockpit and a manual transmission...I’d get it in a hart beat. I think luxury performance minivan should be a new segment in the automotive world.
mr 9guy
mr 9guy - 28 dager siden
50000 i get sienna more reliable
Gene Rogers
Gene Rogers - 28 dager siden
The key problem for these AWD vans is the absence of a spare tire, they come with run-flats which are horrible in ride quality and reliability compared to their conventional counterparts. The Pacifica AWD apparently has a place to stow a spare which comes with the FWD model, however the FWD spare does not fit the AWD wheels. The only functional fix/upgrade they can do to the AWD model is to ship it with a working spare tire. Otherthan that I seem to love this van as a upgrade to my current Sienna. And of course I would love a SRT/Hellcat version of this van :-)
Romeo Caldararu
Romeo Caldararu - 29 dager siden
Top. One
ShuckingNerds - Måned siden
doug demero giving Doug scores is like an English teacher. They talk about how good it is and at the end they shit on u
Gannon Ryan
Gannon Ryan - Måned siden
He missed the wireless charger in the front seat, I thought I could hold you to a higher standard Doug...
Alex Martens
Alex Martens - Måned siden
After all the rebates it’s really 37K.
Chris Gilbert
Chris Gilbert - Måned siden
Missed the larger sunroof
MM Productions
MM Productions - Måned siden
Got a little excited there with the tic-tax-toe and solitaire
Rashi Khokhar
Rashi Khokhar - Måned siden
Dodge needs to put the hellcat in the caravan
Peace Keaper
Peace Keaper - Måned siden
In 20 years it’s gonna cost only 800 bucks 😂😂
Bickley Jonas
Bickley Jonas - 28 dager siden
Stinky booty fetish?
karvapea50 - Måned siden
I’m from Europe - all i see is a lot of cheap plastic. But it looks very comfortable.
B HW - Måned siden
Love your reviews...most of the time. However, one suggestion I might add is that sometimes you may want to consult the owners manual. I'm referring to perhaps, the most important feature of the Pacifica: second row stow, which you didn't discuss. That little B-pillar seat tilt button that advances the front seats is NOT so you can have more legroom with which to watch movies. It is (thank god) to ease the stowing of the second row, instead of having to got to the front seat slide controls.
One last issue, I own a BMW M3 Comp, an X3M Comp, AND a 2020 Pacifica S (fwd). I can promise you that the WAY a minivan drives, brakes, steers, accelerates is one of the most important aspects of Minivans, especially in the context of safety. The fwd Pacifica has massive, immense torque steer that kills the driving experience and creates safety issues. It spins its front tires every time you step on the gas, and on the snow (even with full snows), it is an absolute traction joke, and that fwd lack of traction creates issues in corners, and even around parking lots.
I realize my other cars are true performance cars, yet I just drove the AWD Pacifica, and I can tell you that it drives enormously better than any minivan heretofore. The awd makes it stable and competent. It does not drive "just like you'd expect a minivan to drive."
Again, I love your interviews.
k will
k will - Måned siden
Did he just call the baby "it" 😂😂😂
Maxwell Connelly
Maxwell Connelly - Måned siden
How is Chrysler still relevant in 2021?
Blu Pacific
Blu Pacific - Måned siden
I read the title as "The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica Pickle"
Marc B.
Marc B. - Måned siden
Talk about pissing away over $50,000?!!! Just looking at that you can see the body panels rusting, the engine destroying on itself, all the lovely Fiat electrical toys, failing. When will people know that Chrysler/ Fiat... excuse me Fiat /Chrysler... is onpar with Renault/Nissan.... Who will be in line for the first Stellantos cars???
spacex Tesla Roadster gaming
Chrysler Pacifica Pinnacle
Muhammad Huzaim Malik
Muhammad Huzaim Malik - Måned siden
When's the sorento review coming out?
Abhishek Pimpalkar
Abhishek Pimpalkar - Måned siden
6:59 nice manboobs on doug😮
H C - Måned siden
Para el 2022 costará 25.000 y para el 2023 13.000
Adrian Cooper
Adrian Cooper - Måned siden
This is so disappointing
AntMan -
AntMan - - Måned siden
andres perez
andres perez - Måned siden
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Paweł Ciepliński
Paweł Ciepliński - Måned siden
5:39 Doesn't it have a "child-lock" that if driver's seat is occupied or at least vehicle is in motion this feature is disabled?!? Cause otherwise it's a perfect revenge on the Dad shushing kids down...
Paweł Ciepliński
Paweł Ciepliński - Måned siden
OK, my concern was answered seconds after:D
john vititoe
john vititoe - Måned siden
Another reviewer pointed out that the second row (in the Pinnacle) will not stow in the floor because the new plush seats are too thick.