The 2021 BMW M440i Is the New Big-Nosed BMW Coupe

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The BMW M440i is the latest BMW coupe -- and it has a rather large front grille. Today I'm reviewing the M440i, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the new 2021 M440i. Then I'll drive the M440i and let you know what the new 4 Series is like on the road.
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Yes Dex
Yes Dex - 2 dager siden
I love it doug you may not like it other do so stop saying its ugly say you dont like it
Zuko Sobuza
Zuko Sobuza - 3 dager siden
Love the grill
Zuko Sobuza
Zuko Sobuza - 3 dager siden
Funny how most people bitching about the cars grill probably cannot afford to but one
furiouspenguin - 4 dager siden
Can't believe this is the same company that made the E30, E36, E46, E92... what a joke BMW has become
bob bob
bob bob - 2 dager siden
The joke is you, broke boy.
Tung Hoang
Tung Hoang - 7 dager siden
Actually I think that’s the best grille car manufacturers have ever made
Collin Riemersma
Collin Riemersma - 7 dager siden
That seatbelt extender is such a better design compared to the trash on the E92
A S - 7 dager siden
Check out the car in person, I love that grill, why should it look like the majority of others on the market? Besides the Grill is a homage to the early BMWs.
PS: Check out newer Audis, Mercedes, Toyotas, Lexus grills, what are they? Small? Please...
Ham Tom
Ham Tom - 8 dager siden
I’ll take 2!!!!
Rhishab Dahal
Rhishab Dahal - 11 dager siden
I actually like the new grill
E Dub
E Dub - 11 dager siden
Sorry Doug... one guys opinion. I LOVE the grill!!!
Microsoft Mutt
Microsoft Mutt - 12 dager siden
That grill is so big I could use it to make a BBQ.
小林康則 - 12 dager siden
How to be a driving circus for a few years: by owning this car
Woke AF
Woke AF - 13 dager siden
The BMW 440i
Now with 75% more schnozzola!
A M - 14 dager siden
buy a new t-shirt man
Christopher Hutt
Christopher Hutt - 14 dager siden
Has anyone ever seen old BMWs? Like really old, pre 1950s? Well that is pretty much what they were going for with the new grill... Not saying that it could have been a little bit better proportioned, but I kind of get the direction the design is supposed to head
J - 15 dager siden
Thanks. I hate it.
Praveen Konda
Praveen Konda - 15 dager siden
Doug: a large very distinctive very expressive grill.
me: a large ugly grill.
Cliff Walden
Cliff Walden - 15 dager siden
With that grill, I will definitely be keeping my 435i M-Sport a few years longer. I was in the dealership the other day looking for an X5 for my wife. When I walked over to the M440, the first thing the sales staff said was "What do you think of the grill?" I replied "I hate it. I love the rest of the car. Hate the grill".
Bryan Harry
Bryan Harry - 18 dager siden
I love bmw but I’m so over their boring interior.. I currently drive a 2019 bmw and when it’s time to renew my lease, I’ll give Mercedes,Range Rover, Tesla or that new mustang Mach E a chance but no more bmw unless they change up their interior..
Dance allurlife
Dance allurlife - 8 dager siden
Agreed. There are more important aspects of the design than the grill that you don’t even have to use
Dan B
Dan B - 19 dager siden
Doug. I desperately need your advice. I'm going to purchase a car tomorrow and I'm so torn. It's either the 2021 M340ix(more fun) or the 2021 Mercedes E-450(not fun, but amazing interior).I'm 52 years old and just don't know what to do,. FYI: It's not going to be my daily driver.
Rudy - 19 dager siden
I'm just here for jokes about fugly beaver grill.
Dance allurlife
Dance allurlife - 8 dager siden
greg wayne
greg wayne - 21 dag siden
It isn’t just the grill. The side profile is boring. And don’t get me started on pricing.
Douken - 21 dag siden
3:50 For the memes Doug... for the memes.
Surreal Engineering
Surreal Engineering - 21 dag siden
After the audi, the bmw looks really smoll
Rakhsi Prayogo
Rakhsi Prayogo - 22 dager siden
Front Like a Waffle Iron
a - 23 dager siden
why is doug wearing two shirts but they're both short sleeve
Schauland Performance
Schauland Performance - 24 dager siden
That grille looks great on these cars. Now they need to change the crap 15 year old interior schemes.
Eric Min
Eric Min - 25 dager siden
I genuinely like the grille. I think it looks super muscular and aggressive. I really dig the design and I would take the new model over older ones. Fight me
A - 26 dager siden
Sancha Mode 😂
spacex Tesla Roadster gaming
spacex Tesla Roadster gaming - 26 dager siden
BMW M440i
L D - 27 dager siden
Agree on the color, something dark is the only way to go.
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst - 28 dager siden
This grill is the ugliest shit BMW has ever done. An its a shame, since the rest of the car actually looks good...
Internet Police
Internet Police - 29 dager siden
I love the 2021 m340i. Sedan with all wheel drive and has the normal grille still.
Todd Duffy
Todd Duffy - Måned siden
I like the grill, bring on the hate.
Dance allurlife
Dance allurlife - 8 dager siden
Lol. These haters are boring as hell, and thinks every new model should stay the same as all the old ones. I’m sure they do the exact same thing with their lives........
Rashid Ibrahim
Rashid Ibrahim - Måned siden
Nothing was wrong with the kidney grille, no idea why they changed it
Flashdog - Måned siden
the golden age of modern cars is 2011-2019 ...
Peperoni - Måned siden
lol, I am yet to see someone who defends these ugly kidneys...
Benjamin Thvedt
Benjamin Thvedt - Måned siden
The damn grille looks fine stop being drama queens
Edgar Abad Inirio Carpio
Edgar Abad Inirio Carpio - Måned siden
Am sorry but it reminds me a Hyundai sonata 2011 from the back
Thomas Schmidt
Thomas Schmidt - Måned siden
If Tarantino reviewed Cars instead of directing movies
Shah - Måned siden
can you do a review on the 430xi?
Matt Garber
Matt Garber - Måned siden
I'm not sure it's really controversial at this point as I think the only person that actually claims to like it is the designer.
Romeo msfg
Romeo msfg - Måned siden
I like the grill
Ro lf
Ro lf - Måned siden
Didnt seatbelt delivery go out of fashion in the 80ies?
Ro lf
Ro lf - Måned siden
I like the new grill.
sorin soava
sorin soava - Måned siden
really disappointed that he didn't pull back the front seat back when he was in the back seat
BigMoe89 - Måned siden
The grill look like buttchecks marks on a glass window or mirror 😐
madhvi kaistha
madhvi kaistha - Måned siden
There is no controversy ,the grill is gross af
Colin - Måned siden
This fascia feels like a dare that went too far.
Jehovy Santiago
Jehovy Santiago - Måned siden
I disagree, best looking BMW period. This grill is the only reason ill buy M4 over an Audi. 10/10 Best design this year.
Dance allurlife
Dance allurlife - 8 dager siden
I absolutely agree
Andrey Tishechkin
Andrey Tishechkin - Måned siden
No matter how much BMW fans or "modern designers" defend the grille, the truth remains the truth- IT IS F*CKING UGLY!!! Probably the most sound automotive design failiure since the "leaking headlights" on the Porsche 911 in the early 2000's!
U shall stop reviewing bmw.... this new grill is dating to an old model, idk if you ever heard of history and authority!
vd marame
vd marame - Måned siden
I have a 2010 335i with 40K miles on it - I will keep it!
julian macon
julian macon - Måned siden
Love the Grille!!
Mark Ducharme
Mark Ducharme - Måned siden
M stands for M ore M oney
Jeff C
Jeff C - Måned siden
It’s still a no for me. I am a Current 2018 440 m owner, will not get the new one when my lease is up in 1.5yrs. I do like how the new m3 looks including the grill treatment, less pig like than the new 440.
Berkan - Måned siden
I actually really love the new Grill.
However the 7 series and the X7 look hideous to me
Tubenharry - Måned siden
10:21 you also can also tip the microphone icon (red underlined) and just tell the car where you want to go - simple as that ;)
sbscottw - Måned siden
The grill is hideous, BMW seriously has lost its bearings. The first aftermarket company that offers a simple and elegant fix for the grill on the new 3 and 4 series should be given a Nobel Prize. The best looking BMW of all time is the E46 M3 CSL, followed by the E31 850CSi, and then of course the E30 M3; though the new M5 & M8 Competition both look pretty sleek.
Doug, on a personal note, the "Cars and Bids" plug that you are now adding to your videos is borderline shameful. Part of what made your videos so great and propelled your popularity is that you generally avoided commercialism and gave us a candid and honest "everyman's" look at interesting vehicles.
Zat the Rat
Zat the Rat - Måned siden
i think calling the grill cartoonishly large is such a unique way of explaining that
Edward Lin
Edward Lin - Måned siden
i agree.. it's ugly.. LOL
StevieDee - Måned siden
Car looks like bugs bunny from the front 🥕🐰
J G - Måned siden
Picking mine up Friday. Despite opinions about the grill, which i absolutely love, this is the sexiest coupe released as of yet.
J G - 7 dager siden
@Dance allurlife gravit grey executive package. I've had it for a few weeks now and it's amazing.
Dance allurlife
Dance allurlife - 8 dager siden
And you have your own mind and wasn’t put off by those sheep. Some people truly dislike it that’s their right but others just follow even though they haven’t even seen it in person or would never be able to afford it. What colour combination did you purchase?
Muthulingam Ramiah
Muthulingam Ramiah - Måned siden
Thisssss... is by far the ugliest Front Fascia that BMW ever designed...
The biggest issue I have with the exterior design of the 2021 G80 BMW M3 and the 2021 G82 BMW M4 are:
1. The huge, ugly Front Grille
2. The Offset Front Radar Sensor placement - Who in their right mind would mess up a front fascia like that??? Asymmetrical Design elements always fails...
3. The Excess weight - Have you lost your mind BMW?
Joshua Vinoya
Joshua Vinoya - Måned siden
The grilles are no longer kidney beans...they’re lungs
blex - Måned siden
for the sake of the 4500th commetn:
Dino Pappous
Dino Pappous - Måned siden
Hideous from every angle...BMW APOLOGISTS UNITE !!!!
Jason A
Jason A - Måned siden
Did he say "im gonna give it a Doug STORE" ??😂
William Cotton
William Cotton - Måned siden
No one can ever tell you that your car doesn't have any balls
Shawn Edwards
Shawn Edwards - Måned siden
With the skinny lights and huge grill all I see is an Asian person yelling at me
Sameh Abouez
Sameh Abouez - Måned siden
ugly but a bit more ugly. very ugly looking thing.
Imran William
Imran William - Måned siden
How many times can you say:
Please use different words sometimes. There are synonyms possible like this car, this bmw, the car, he, it etc. Also for and. Doug has a lot of experience so I know he's capable of delivering better videos. Please do so, because this video was annoying.
Tom Grimes
Tom Grimes - Måned siden
You need to keep your hands in your pocket.
S P500
S P500 - Måned siden
The new grill is goat
Byron Wright Jr.
Byron Wright Jr. - Måned siden
11:13 BMW - “Saving questions from your wife since 2020.”
Byron Wright Jr.
Byron Wright Jr. - Måned siden
I actually don’t mind the grill. But I can understand how people like the older girl better.
Depadoa Ochavez
Depadoa Ochavez - Måned siden
The grill of m440i is cool for me. Than the grill of genesis gv80. Take a look doug
Martin William
Martin William - Måned siden
Silent call saves relationships 😂👊
chooks620 - Måned siden
So who is gonna tell Dugg you don’t have to type every letter on the letter wheel when typing there is a microphone icon you press ONCE and say you’re destination 🤣
tlteal - Måned siden
Just got one all black (black exterior, black interior, black rims) love it. BTW, too much focus is being spent on the grill. As an owner of another BMW (335d), the grill doesn't impact me. Let's please stop being so fixated and finding something wrong when there's nothing wrong.
EMERYCH - Måned siden
this is the first grill not made for the Chinese, but referring to classic BMW models.
Chalky Pepto
Chalky Pepto - Måned siden
I can’t tell them apart anymore. ABC...123.
Nerdyllama93 - 2 måneder siden
I got one of these so I could get ice cream
Brett - 2 måneder siden
I've been and fan and owner of many BMWs since the early 80's. Ever since Chris Bangle was lead designer I've found it harder and harder to stay with the brand. I haven't owned one I considered good looking since the 1990 silver 325iX four door. The new massive kidney grilles stop me from even considering buying one today, especially if it's a faux M-series. They're whoring the M badge out just like Mercedes AMG. Also, it's a two door that looks as big as a 5-series from a few years back. They're overly complicated and have gone too far from their roots, which I consider the 2002, 320i, and the early M3...small, simple but great driving cars that stir the soul. Maybe I'm just old and don't understand anymore.
Roger Skagerström
Roger Skagerström - 2 måneder siden
BMW adding that extra touch of luxury with two USB C connectors in the rear seat for a total of $1.50. Probably in a $2500 Tech package :P
T. Hendo
T. Hendo - 2 måneder siden
That grille looks amazing. Y'all are tripping. If you don't like this grille more than likely you don't have personal style with the clothes you wear. Lol
AGZ Freddy 1983
AGZ Freddy 1983 - 2 måneder siden
They did this to differentiate this 4 series model to the 3 series
Mauricio Aular
Mauricio Aular - 2 måneder siden
The large grill is fine is on the X7. On the 7 series it looks like when someone gets excessively large breast implants. Like way too big, like double G's or something like that.
Avnish Sanwalka
Avnish Sanwalka - 2 måneder siden
No you are wrong, BMW of Albany GA is the best BMW dealership in the country hands down.
GetOffMyyLawn - 2 måneder siden
I can't wait to see this on Hoovies Garage in 10 years... "I just got the cheapest M440i Big Nose in the country... now let the Car Wizard show us everything wrong with it"
Kevin Rivera
Kevin Rivera - 2 måneder siden
I saw the 4 series in person and it actually looks good in person compared to the videos
Dance allurlife
Dance allurlife - 8 dager siden
And that’s the point! Most people don’t even know what it looks like in person before they start bashing
ITUBE - 2 måneder siden
Nelly the type of guy to buy a M440i
Hazulkar - 2 måneder siden
Literally everyone when the new 4-series prototype came out 2019: "We don't want that grille".
BMW: "Here's the grille you didn't want".
Namenloser _
Namenloser _ - 2 måneder siden
Doug 66k is actually a verry good deal it coast about 70k€ over in Germany
Paulo Guerreiro
Paulo Guerreiro - 2 måneder siden
I could call butterfly grills
Stefan - 2 måneder siden
1530 full of s
mohcen Bdj
mohcen Bdj - 2 måneder siden
can you dougreview the european cars that can't be found in the US and south american Fiat and Vw models that you can find in mexico or brazil ? It would be awesome !
Sam Griswold
Sam Griswold - 2 måneder siden
Kinda just looks like an Audi grille split in half
Dylan Lewis
Dylan Lewis - 2 måneder siden
I've seen that grille dozens of times now hoping it gets less ugly and it just hasn't. Hopefully it's just a phase.
L M - 2 måneder siden
Not only does the grille on the 2021 look like Darth Vader's mouth, but the gorgeous BMW signature headlights are GONE!!! The new headlights look just like any other Joe blow on the road - narrow, squinty spurts of light!! And don't get me started with the horrible rear lights on the 2021!!! Just look at the sophisticated, smooth, and sexy lines and lights on the rear of the 2020!!! I am appalled at the gross style of the 2021 ALL THE WAY AROUND. And the interior of the 2021 is grotesque. Japanese take over!!! I see Japan all over this car - inside and out! Damn. I ordered my 440i from Germany around September 2019 and by November, my car arrived and I have been driving heaven ever since. Some discussion board BMW folks tried to talk me into waiting until the new 2021 design came out as the 2020 design had not changed since 2012. Well newsflash~ I am very very happy I did NOT wait for that cheap look inside and out! I have my gorgeous 2020 440i in Snapper Rocks Blue with Ivory leather interior. It has been a joy, and I will keep it around until BMW drops the Japanese designer!!! Case closed!!!