I Bought an Audi RS2 Avant - The Coolest Fast Wagon Ever!

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I bought an Audi RS2 Avant! The RS2 is the first-ever Audi RS car, and it's my dream fast wagon -- and I'm SO EXCITED that I have one. Today I'm reviewing the RS2, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of a very, very special Audi.
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Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro - 2 måneder siden
I think I'm more excited for this car than any car I've owned before. A decade-long dream fulfilled!!!
Hamish Kay
Hamish Kay - 3 dager siden
Congratulations doug
Bare36 - 11 dager siden
Do you know,that there is a hidden menu in your climatronic display? There is about 60 display values of different sensors... Also,it should be possible,if sun roof is open and door windows are down,when keeping pressed lock button on key,it should close everything. it has infra red key sensor on b pillar. And should be possible to lock it,alarm on and drivers doors to be unlocked..result: alarm can be triggered when driving.
brcarlos - 11 dager siden
Congratulations!!! That's an awesome car!!! I think you are wrong about that booster on the vent, but still, the review was great.
Charles O
Charles O - 26 dager siden
It's cool being you
Gringo Starr
Gringo Starr - Måned siden
My collegue has same car here in Finland in the same colour. Hasn't let me drive it even though I've been asking for 2 years now :D
Teo Phil
Teo Phil - 3 timer siden
Childish... cause that audi is fugly
MYNAMEISNOTJEFF - 18 timer siden
Isdera1985 - 22 timer siden
You should mention that Porsche, Audi and VW is mainly owned by two families. Family Porsche and Family Piëch. This Info makes it even better to understand. Also their joinventure with Porsche 924.
Btw. the Audi RS4 B4 came 5 years later, not a decade... 😉 And it was in fact faster than the RS2.
FuaFoa - Dag siden
Here in Europe everyone knows what's RS series are, lol
Riccardo Botti
Riccardo Botti - 2 dager siden
Hi! I like you and I really like your videos, probably the best reviews on youtube...
But 70k already are too much money for a car... Especially for that old and bad looking Audi.
I have owned many station wagons and I like them... In Europe we call this car Audi 80 Avant. It is hard to understand why someone would pay so much! For less you would have a bmw 5 series, mercedes e class, Audi a6 brand new and really luxurious!!
Hamish Kay
Hamish Kay - 3 dager siden
Great choice of audi Doug it still looks modern to this day also along with the A3 at the time
Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller - 4 dager siden
This was the longest micro machine commercial ever
Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller - 4 dager siden
Doug I love your channel!!!! One question though, how many triple shot espressos did you consume prior to making this vid?
Abe Froman
Abe Froman - 5 dager siden
The Audi all pro wagon whatever is the worst according to Doug, but the blue wagon is the best.
philip mohlin
philip mohlin - 6 dager siden
Jay OhBro
Jay OhBro - 7 dager siden
Lucky bastard...lol
kermathmichael - 7 dager siden
Best of luck with your new car Doug. It's a beauty. Can't believe the dealers didn't know about these cars. You should check out "1994 Audi RS2: Strap into the Snow Wagon" by Petrolicious on YouTube.
Great car and the Porsche connection only enhances the desirability.
Top Autos con Walter Koren en español.
I love this car. Congratulations 🎊
Limi Xhemalwi
Limi Xhemalwi - 8 dager siden
Doug is definitely the type of guy who owns a station wagon
blitzgreek - 9 dager siden
Diesel - 9 dager siden
Where could I find that photo that he shown in the video with the audi rs2 surrounded by workers?
Darijo P.
Darijo P. - 9 dager siden
Porsche! Porsche! Porsche! The Name is Porsche! NOT Porscha!
YS Production
YS Production - 9 dager siden
28:04 - 28:05 is that a bloody Skoda Octavia in the background?
Jonathan Kovacs
Jonathan Kovacs - 10 dager siden
Heck of a way to get to grandma's house!
Jonathan Kovacs
Jonathan Kovacs - 10 dager siden
I have to admit I would be as excited as Doug if I got my hands on a Cray Supercomputer for my home!
brickson98moto - 11 dager siden
90's and 00's Audi, BMW, and Mercedes are some of my favorite cars, and they get me more excited than a lot of more statistically and visually impressive cars. But I'm a sucker for the "sleeper" type vehicles they were making. I love Audi's boxy design. On the other hand, I love the sleek yet understated look of the M-B W211 E class cars. That's why I picked up an 05 E55. Actually, your video on an 04 is what convinced me to buy one. They're still pretty affordable, and make great, reliable power. And they're comfy while they do it. The biggest drawback is that slow early 00's transmission.
Pokemonfan 2795
Pokemonfan 2795 - 11 dager siden
Ale Allievi
Ale Allievi - 11 dager siden
Doug "Porscia" DeMuro
No - 10 dager siden
J Chun
J Chun - 12 dager siden
"back then Audi was a mediocre 3rd rate luxury car brand struggling to gain traction against BMW and Mercedes..." they still are.
Ryan C
Ryan C - 12 dager siden
F. Ranke
F. Ranke - 12 dager siden
Was'n das fürn Kombi? Was ist denn mit dem Ding los?
Everett Schram
Everett Schram - 12 dager siden
Loving that car...and its heckblende! Beautiful man!!! Great buy!
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute - 12 dager siden
The guy who claims he can't "afford" a new G-Wagen can afford a Ford GT and a $75K RS2? That makes sense.
King Shango Sound
King Shango Sound - 13 dager siden
Freakin stop saying PorschA
Btw. I just found one RS2 in local ads for more realistic 8000$ Lol.
Thomas EXOVCDS - 13 dager siden
The older he gets... the more of a Jay Leno vibe he'll give off.
Gokhulram Ramakrishnan
Gokhulram Ramakrishnan - 13 dager siden
100 mph in Switzerland ?? It will be still a dream 🤣 perhaps in Germany
D C - 13 dager siden
my 1994 audi 90 cs Quattro was a sweet car. pearl 5 speed v6 with a locker for the rear diff. It drove so nice and made it to 200k miles. I lived in New England. third gear donuts in the snow, those were good times
MrGman2804 - 14 dager siden
I had one of those and several UR quattro's all of which I no longer have and regret. In the late 1980's and early 90's these were considered really fast, mainly because compared to the competition, the 4WD put it miles ahead. The 5 cylinder engine still sounds mean today. I never imagined how much they would appreciate.
Cars Interest
Cars Interest - 14 dager siden
Now we're talkin
User unknowns RB
User unknowns RB - 15 dager siden
Most people done care about 30% of the things doug says in this video
Eskel Garsio
Eskel Garsio - 15 dager siden
Зад как у 2111
Marco B
Marco B - 16 dager siden
So on top of all the "1st ever car that does that" the rs2 was also the 1st legal sleeper car ever made. Fking love It!
Martin Smirnov
Martin Smirnov - 17 dager siden
coolest car ever :)
Alex O.
Alex O. - 17 dager siden
24:55 never buy a new car, believe me! Dealers ar so stupid and know nothing! They told me, wtf man, the car has 2 years old, it`s normal to hear wheel nut. Come again for the oil and filter change....
Christopher Asgian
Christopher Asgian - 17 dager siden
You finally bought my dream car
Christoph Baffy
Christoph Baffy - 17 dager siden
Growing up in Germany I really loved this car. Someone owned one in my home town. so I got to see it every once in a while. I fell in love especially with the rear lightbar and the (back then) crazy color and I would of course love to own one today. 😎
David Muir
David Muir - 18 dager siden
It's not a wagon it's a estate
David Muir
David Muir - 18 dager siden
It's not a hud it's a bonnet
David Muir
David Muir - 18 dager siden
It's an estate not a wagon
sergey613 - 18 dager siden
The back is similar to the VAZ-2111.
Panel SM
Panel SM - 18 dager siden
Idk about American cars, but you can use the radio while the car is off in every European car. Just sayin, my grandfather’s Peugeot can do it like every other. And actually, if you don’t touch it it will turn off after 15/20/30 min because the car thinks you forgotten to turn it off, and you can’t turn it back on unless you start the car at least once.
Rich Watts
Rich Watts - 19 dager siden
2 Audi dealerships denying existence of RS2 says more to me about Americans than it does Audi or Germany (but nothing we didn't already know)
Manuel Hausinger
Manuel Hausinger - 20 dager siden
the first time i got Jelly about your cars ... do you even Know that in germany THIS CAR IS GOD ... really its God in every way .... even the Guys from Audi itself go on the Knees an Pray to the Lord Of streets ... keep it save and love it for every time in your Life !!!
Fynn Böcker
Fynn Böcker - 20 dager siden
you shouldn't go 100 mph in switzerland. the maximum speed limit is 130 kmh (about 80 mph) and speeding ticktes cost a fortune there.. it's not like here in germany :D
schmoosmith - 20 dager siden
I doubt most modern RS owners even know what the RS2 is.
Jin-Su Choi
Jin-Su Choi - 21 dag siden
Jin-Su Choi
Jin-Su Choi - 21 dag siden
Tinker SailorHead
Tinker SailorHead - 22 dager siden
Porscha ? 😂
Jozsef Pittaluga
Jozsef Pittaluga - 22 dager siden
Doug, the reason why the long tail light "bar" is there is because it reminds the Porsche 911 rear tail lights (of that era), another Porsche quote.
JIMMY.J REVIEWS - 23 dager siden
Big fucking deal... Doug . Porsche, Audi & vw it’s all the same ... when it come out , it’s just a burrito supreme. You’re so biased in this one that I want to smack the F out your smug little bitch face! But I still love you bra.. ps the thing looks like a 90s Saturn ... just saying. Ps.pt2 you.spent.70k.on.a.fucking.saturn. W . T . ACTUAL . F ?!
Nicky Taylor
Nicky Taylor - 23 dager siden
Gran turismo fans love this car
Nik Papazois
Nik Papazois - 23 dager siden
If you’re ever in Minnesota, Anderson Motorsports will look at it and they are not afraid to work on it - they work on Quattro Sports. I think there are a couple RS2’s up here too.
Solvalou - 24 dager siden
My JDM Legacy Twin Turbo wants to know your location, Doug.
Andrei Chete
Andrei Chete - 24 dager siden
"Built by Porche". Okay, we get it!🤣😂
Cristian Buzila
Cristian Buzila - 26 dager siden
Absolutely stunning car. But this is a rebuilt. Front-seats are taken from a 2-door S2. If i had the time, i'd check the rest of the interieur too, using the VIN.
UrsinTop10 - 26 dager siden
Thought the Nissan Stagea RS Four was the coolest fast wagon
Peter Vitale
Peter Vitale - 27 dager siden
Does he mention how the import process was? Or how much it was to import alone?
Artyom Galstyan
Artyom Galstyan - 27 dager siden
If you ever see this car in the US, you should know that Doug is somewhere in the vicinity.
Mike Sage
Mike Sage - 28 dager siden
Hello Doug. If you need anything for the non existent RS2, drop me a line. I live near Zuffenhausen and Neckersulm. Can't promise anything but willing to try. Yours is extremely nice. Drop me a line should you have the time. Mike
Roger Ivy
Roger Ivy - 28 dager siden
this is ur best video ever!!!
Uros Petrovic
Uros Petrovic - 28 dager siden
In fact that was not first time Porsche and Audi work together - Porsche 924/944 have (front) Audi engine... I dont know much to tell about it just maybe it will be interasting to someone.
Vasilis Nikolaidis
Vasilis Nikolaidis - 28 dager siden
If I am not mistaken Porsche was (and still is) part of VAG (Volkswagen-Audi-Group). Regardless, I gain more respect for (older) Audi's year after year.
pać - 29 dager siden
My B4 Avant 1.9 TDI has identical interior features, gimme 1000 bucks and i'ts yours.
MrBarnkob - 29 dager siden
Congrats Doug....such a clean car, nice find. Here in Europe it is a legendary car most car nuts know, must be cool to have it in the US, where it must be less known
MarchuxProductions - Måned siden
Ackchually, the E34 M5 Touring came before the RS2 Avant, so it wasn't the first high performance wagon...
Pedantry aside, really cool car, Doug!
Victor Dalecarlia
Victor Dalecarlia - Måned siden
Laughs in Volvo 855R
tim humphrey
tim humphrey - Måned siden
That one is faster but doug is forgetting how cool the 1993/94 volvo T5 was. Not as fast but in bright yellow with 17 inch rims at the time. Still had 240 hp and it looked even better than this rs2. I love audi more in general but that volvo was dope
tim humphrey
tim humphrey - Måned siden
Doug is gonns bust a nut on the badge
Felljacke Drums
Felljacke Drums - Måned siden
You can go 100 mph in Switzerland, for sure,
but you may have to sell your rs2 right away because of the fine.
captain teodor
captain teodor - Måned siden
nice car. I always dreamed of it. but no way is better than the e34 M5.
supersonic - Måned siden
You trying to be comical a bit too hard in your videos.
LateNight Rituals
LateNight Rituals - Måned siden
caivs - Måned siden
why does this foo wear two shirts...
Victor Dalecarlia
Victor Dalecarlia - 29 dager siden
@caivs Deodorant, Washing machine, hygiene. They didnt get that yet.
caivs - 29 dager siden
@Victor Dalecarlia looks so bad...this is why undershirts (tanktop/wife beater) were invented
Victor Dalecarlia
Victor Dalecarlia - Måned siden
its an American thing, ive asked them, they wear one to catch their sweat and a nice one over so they dont have to wash the nice one. I know, its insane behaviour but remember these people wear shoes indoors
Matthias Oroszi
Matthias Oroszi - Måned siden
Hey Doug :) if you call Porsche in Stuttgart they will help you pretty sure with parts and stuff
spacex Tesla Roadster gaming
Audi RS2
RS2Russ - Måned siden
I actually preferred the stealthy green (Ragussa) that I had it in, to the non-subtle blue. Traded it in for £12000 many moons ago. Was a heavy old bus and the suspension was very hard.
John P
John P - Måned siden
SO SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
zeto hd
zeto hd - Måned siden
Doug, you do know that the CEO of Audi at that time was the grandchild of Ferry Porsche... it was less about money, more about family ties. Also no real wonder that Porsche and Audi are now part of the same company.
zeto hd
zeto hd - Måned siden
Hmm. And America didn’t know this story? There are many more such collaboration-cars in Europe, the Lotus-Omega (Opel) the Thema V8 (Ferrari-Lancia), the Fiat Dino (Ferrari-Fiat), the list goes on.
Tommy Hallum
Tommy Hallum - Måned siden
RS2's are like the STI's snoody cousin
Ávalon Bikeshop
Ávalon Bikeshop - Måned siden
Back in those days had a Motor Tred magazine with a blue Audi Avant, love that car! But had a blue suede Steering Wheel, never find that model anywhere. I thnk it was a 91 magazine. Lovely car Congrats!!!
Svijet Tišine
Svijet Tišine - Måned siden
The way he pronunces Porsche....my God...*facepalm*
Karmveer - Måned siden
i bought nothing but it is coolest nothing ever
Oleh Khlopov
Oleh Khlopov - Måned siden
You need review Opel Omega Lotus!
John Mikitanov
John Mikitanov - Måned siden
Lol,now that is a one rare car.
sspzh - Måned siden
Watching this is inspiring me to get my shit together and find a better job, i also have a 90's car in mind that i really want to get
Zawusel - Måned siden
The first (and even rarer) fast wagon of this type was the BMW E34/5S M5 touring in 1992 with 335 hp.
A F - Måned siden
actually the volvo 850 turbo was the first i remember. it was faster than the bmw 325
Ian Brown
Ian Brown - Måned siden
This is pretty deep car-nerditry, and I love it.
remcosilvio - Måned siden
Hey mate, here a sugestion: I am from The Netherlands and over here several are driving around. I live near the city Waalwijk and over there is the importer for almost all German brands called "Van Mossel Waalwijk". They have a lot of experience with RS 2. Maybe you can contact them for some more information. It's one of the biggest carimporters of Europe, so maybe they know a good American dealer for you. Good luck with the car mate, looks really nice for a 25+
Xsidon - Måned siden
this interior is veeeery much B5ish
Juraj Balaško
Juraj Balaško - Måned siden
Por-shaah 😂😂😂... can't you pronounce it correctly? -> PORSCHE !
Andy Amos
Andy Amos - Måned siden
I still remember being overtaken by one in Leicester UK, back in 1992. I was gobsmacked and fell in love with it instantly, The contrast of the blue paint and red tail lights was indeed a thing of beauty back then!
Eduard Cherechesiu
Eduard Cherechesiu - Måned siden
don't let the fact that it's a station wagons fool you, there's more than meets the eye! ;) awesome car!!
tito hotrod
tito hotrod - Måned siden
The mushy maria coherently return because skate alternatively decide until a lacking period. incredible, intelligent cougar
Zlatan Habul
Zlatan Habul - Måned siden
We in Europe yawn when we see Audi details from old Audis and Doug is excited like "check the window lift button lights up when you activate it" .. That 5 cylinder engine is constructed in the 70's, and its one of the first engines where somebody put turbo on it. Google type 43 200 turbo